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Access Quality Solar Panels in Perth

In a world of soaring energy prices, and in a city where the sun shines brightly almost all year, it seems like a no-brainer to us that solar panels are the right choice for Perth homes and businesses.

Depending on how you use your power, you could be saving anywhere from 30-60% of your energy bill. Get yourself a solar panels and battery package and you could be almost entirely self-sufficient.

Reduce your carbon footprint and your power bills today. Talk to our friendly & professional team to find the right solution, design, and panel brand for you.

Our Solar Packages

Start saving with our affordable solar panel or battery packages

Residential Solar Packages

Get started with a standard 6.6kW solar panel package for your home, or let us upgrade you to a system capable of up to 13kW.

Commercial Solar Solutions

Reduce your utility costs by powering your business with solar during your highest-consumption hours.

Solar Batteries

Batteries allow you to store the power you produce during the day to be used during no or low-light hours allowing you to become virtually self-sufficient.

Perth Solar Power Installations – How it works

Your Journey to Getting Solar

Take control of your energy production and minimise your carbon footprint with one of our solar panel packages. Let one of our professional team members discuss your requirements with you, so they can design the perfect system for your home.

Step 1

Consultation Meeting

Here we meet with you to discuss how you live your lives, when you use power, as well as if there are any shading issues with your home.

Step 2

Designing & Ordering Your System

Once we know how you consume energy and based on your home’s design, we’ll create your custom-designed system for you

Step 3

Solar System Installation

At an agreed-upon time, our team will come to your home to finally install your long-awaited solar system. It won’t take us long before you’re running on the power of the sun.

Work with the Pros

Why Choose Solar Panels Perth

We’re a Perth-based business dedicated to making the world a brighter place. We focus on sourcing quality solar panels and batteries that will last you for years to come.

Start saving today and talk to us about your solar needs.


Investing in solar is just that, an investment. So the last thing you’ll want is to invest in bad equipment that is poorly manufactured. Rest easy knowing we source some of the best technology that is currently available.


All installs include a 10 year workmanship warranty and coupled with our quality equipment you’ll enjoy your solar for years and years.

What’s not to love?


We’re a local team of experts who understand the Perth market, our scorching summers and that the Freo doctor coming in is a good thing!

Free Measure & Quote

You’ll want to know exactly what your system entails, and how much that’s going to cost you.

We think that’s more than fair enough.


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